Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trip to Berlin, OH

Well after flying through the storms Friday night to get to Ohio I have to say it was worth every bit of turbulence and the sways of the plane. I landed my feet onto the ground and wanted to kiss the floor. My best friend Brenda was there to greet me with open arms. THANK GOD

Saturday Jim ( Brenda's hubby - Shaffer) Brenda and I headed out to Berlin , OH and had the best day ever! I also meet my newest dearest friends ever Nancy & Lorne from Canada. I have talk to Nancy for just about a year now on the Internet and was actually able to meet her for the first time. I felt as though we had been friends forever! We fit like a pair of old gloves. Her husband (Lorne) is just the nicest guy you would ever meet and lets not forget about their little dog Bella - just way too cute. We had the time of our life. We walked and shopped the whole day.

Oh my gosh the shops. Girls if you have ever went to Amish Country in PA well I found another spot Berlin, OH. If you ever get the chance to stop and visit don't pass it up but you will need at least 3 days to get through it all. The streets are lined with store after store after store. Plus lets not forget the beautiful country side. PLUS PRIMITIVES PRIMITIVES and MORE PRIMITIVES!!!! Lets not forget the warehouse full of discount fabric. A sewers paradise. Just a wonderful place to go and enjoy the love of crafts, Amish items and dear friends. It just can't get any better!!!!

I am taking Nancy and Lorne up on there offer and will be traveling to Canada next year to visit them. I am going to see if I can get Brenda to fly alone. No sense in one person being ill on a plane. LOL I honestly can't wait! I so wish Nancy & Lorne lived closer.

Well tomorrow I will be off to get my passport. They always say theres no time like the present! Enjoy the photos! Blessings Vicky