Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I just have to brag...

My daughter has always drawn with pencils and charcoals but has recently decided to try her hand at acrylic painting. I think she did a great job (now there are some mistakes) but for her first paintings I am so proud of her. She has just sold her painting of Marylin. Now she promised to give me her Marylin painting but as you know money talks...LOL No no she called and asked if it was alright and she would paint me something else. Of course I encourage her to sell it, just send me a photo. Her very first painting and sold it in days. I just had to brag.

Friday, January 22, 2010

As promised... FREEBIES

I have just listed some new FREEBIES on the right hand side for you all to enjoy!
I will have a LIVE CHAT on Tuesday Feb. 2, 2010 at 8:00pm EST.
Come one come all and join me in a fun prim chat
This will be a private chat board and very easy to use
I will post the link the night of the Live Chat on my blog and website

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's been a long time....

It has been such a long time since from my last blog posting. Wow... where does the time go!

Well we have had our bout with weather again this week. Tuesday through this morning we had a lovely ice storm. It really is beautiful but so dangerous. Not to mention it makes it difficult to get around. Oh and lets not forget... the loss of Internet for two days, phone and electric this morning. I went out with the dogs around 2;30am this morning to find my hubby truck slid down the drive way and was in the street. This evening my truck didn't want to stay in the drive way. This is even after sanding and salting the driveway. I am having to go and check every few hours. It's like having kids at home again...LOL Here are a few photo's I took this afternoon. One is of one of the trucks that won't stay in the driveway..LOL

Because it's been so long since I last posted.....

My daughter, hubby and I went back home to RI for Christmas to visit my son and family. We had a BLAST! It was wonderful to be home for Christmas. Food, family, friends and LOTS of laughs... what could be better than that! Here are just a few photos:

From Left to right: Niece Nikki, our daughter Aarika and my nephew Chris on Christmas Day

Our son Billy, his girlfriend Heather and my sister's dog Casey

Hubby and Casey relaxing on the couch after the Christmas dinner

My sister Dawn and her son Chris. He's taller than her...LOL
I think it's funny because everyone is taller than I. It's funny to see her kids tall than her now...LOL

We had a sit down Christmas dinner for 17 (immediate family) and then it was off to my cousins Christmas night. She had a house full of my dad's side. There had to been 50 people or more. I lost count. It was still a blast and spent lots of time with Aunt Gal, Uncle Richard and their three children, Aunt Eddie and Eddy. We are very close and it was nice to spend a lot of time with them during the short stay.

Well I came back and jumped right into work and then came down with a massive head cold. Airplanes.... I made it through and back in the spring of things minus the weather and the sliding trucks...LOL Well we all have to laugh because it could be much worst.

I will be updating my blog tomorrow with new freebies and some surprises. Until tomorrow...
Blessings Vicky