Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Prim Waxed Grungy Black Eggs for SALE

Well, here they are my prim friends..... 6 Actual Prim Waxed Grungy Black Eggs
You wanted wax dipped eggs and I made them for you!

You will receive 6 prim waxed grungy black eggs.

I think they turned out very prim and look terrific in any prim bowl or box.
Great for year round display too!

The Prim Waxed Grungy Black Eggs have been designed and handcrafted by me and will arrive at your door step wrapped nicely in a cello bag.

They smell yummy too!!! They all have a nice cinnamon, vanilla bun scent.

They measure approximately 2 ½ inches in length each

Shipping is included in price for USA ONLY.
I would be happy to ship to Canada and Australia just send me an email for a shipping quote.

SORRY SOLD OUT!!! Thank you all for the orders!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where it all begins....

I get asked so many times how do I come up with my ideas and how do I make my items. Well, to be honest with you the idea pops into my head or I am making something and an idea just hits me. Sometimes if I am in the middle of doing something I do draw the item on a piece of paper. I draw right on the fabric, yes, right on the fabric. I think when I am close to what it should be I will take it to my sewing machine. I will then add everything to make the piece until it is done. Now sometimes what I have drawn doesn't always end up what I expected it to be. The item might go from being a bear to a bunny. It just depends on what pops into my mind at the time I am making the item.

The first photo shows you my drawing on the material and piece of paper. Now you can see my lines and mistakes...LOL If you look to the right on the photo there is a peanut looking shape then the head which goes off the end and picture.

The second photo is the finished product. Now from the drawing it turned into something else. LOL

So now you know...LOL

He is hot off the craft table and was sent out yesterday to Gatherings in Anamosa, IA. He arrived safely this morning and up for sale.

Here is the info to purchase this awesome Standing Bunny:

130 East Main Street
Anamosa, IA 52205-1897
(319) 462-6070

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here he is gals...Standing Charlie Bear Pattern

Meet Charlie Bear

You asked for a standing bear pattern so without further ado here he is for you all to enjoy.

The inspiration for this bear comes from our childhood and the simplicity in life back then. I just added a few twists and made him stand.

He is really a easy pattern that comes with step by step instructions.

(Click here to purchase epattern )

(Click here to purchase mailed pattern )

Coming soon....Prim Sitting Bear *Bartholomew*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looks what has hopped into Olde Homestead Barn

Three Brand New Spring Patterns!!!

Just listed is Scooter the Standing Bunny

Bunny Sticks/Picks



Just click on the photo to take you to the listing

Coming soon ~ Standing Bears ~ By Customer Requests!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The dig out is finally over

Like most of the country this week we all have had some snow. Now the totals due range depending on who you talk to or what weather station you listen to so from what I been told we have had anywhere from 13 to 18 inches. Hey after 12 inches who's counting. The road is somewhat cleared and was able to leave the nest today to get some things done. This photo is in front of my home (we live on a slit hill) but don't let that pile of snow fool you because if you stand next to it, it is over 5 feet tall. I almost feel like I am living back in RI. LOL

The sign below hangs outside my home. Due to the weather this past week I thought it was appropriate to leave it on frightful. Now just because the sun was shinning today does not mean that is was delightful outside like the other side reads. It still was cold with a high of 12 degrees so I felt it was just to leave it on frightful side today.

From the sound of things it may stay on the frightful side for a few more days. Snow is in the forecast for Sat, Sun and Monday. It will be real interesting especially when they are not accustom to getting this kind of snow here in Iowa. On the other hand not being able to get out the sewing machine has been working over time and the bunnies are multiplying.LOL

New patterns and handmade items coming in the next few days so don't forget to stop back!

Stay warm my prim friends! Blessings Vicky