Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where it all begins....

I get asked so many times how do I come up with my ideas and how do I make my items. Well, to be honest with you the idea pops into my head or I am making something and an idea just hits me. Sometimes if I am in the middle of doing something I do draw the item on a piece of paper. I draw right on the fabric, yes, right on the fabric. I think when I am close to what it should be I will take it to my sewing machine. I will then add everything to make the piece until it is done. Now sometimes what I have drawn doesn't always end up what I expected it to be. The item might go from being a bear to a bunny. It just depends on what pops into my mind at the time I am making the item.

The first photo shows you my drawing on the material and piece of paper. Now you can see my lines and mistakes...LOL If you look to the right on the photo there is a peanut looking shape then the head which goes off the end and picture.

The second photo is the finished product. Now from the drawing it turned into something else. LOL

So now you know...LOL

He is hot off the craft table and was sent out yesterday to Gatherings in Anamosa, IA. He arrived safely this morning and up for sale.

Here is the info to purchase this awesome Standing Bunny:

130 East Main Street
Anamosa, IA 52205-1897
(319) 462-6070

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nancy huggins said...

Love that Bunny and how you draw your patterns..My friend and I decided to make some patterns when she comes down for a visit next month..I can hardly wait for her to get her..It has been a VERY long time since I got together with my crafting friend :)