Monday, September 28, 2009

NEW FREE E-PATTERN as promised!

Blessings Vicky

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back on Track...

Well it has been a rough 3 weeks and I have made it through! WHHOOO HOOO!! The visit with family and friends was terrific! We all had a great time. Very busy and lots of people but it was so worth it! Lots of laughs and tears when they all left. It makes me want to go home to RI so bad.... anyway enough with the boo hoo.

I just finished with supplying the store in New London, Iowa - The Barn - with all of there one of a kind exclusive goodies for the show that was this past weekend. I went with 4 drop offs with tons of items and each time I went back the items had all sold, the show had not even begun! Well I dropped off the last load Thursday afternoon a day before the show and told my friend Koral who owns the store, I can't do anymore. I was burnt out and done so she better make it last when the doors open on Friday for her show... LOL So for the next show which will be her Christmas show she will receive the items the day before the show due to lack of time I have making the items and trying to keep up with my orders. Easier said than done... They had a wonderful show and sold lots! If you would like to see a slide show of all that they have to offer go to my website . Its a huge old barn and she has some much more that what the pictures have to show.

I will be starting to list my new Winter/Christmas Patterns tomorrow. I have worked this weekend to catch up and make new items for the holidays. More will be coming soon!

Just an FYI the SALE for 5 E-Pattern for $15.00 will be ending on 9-30-09 so hurry and get your orders placed!

I will have a new freebie tomorrow for you all to enjoy! Make sure you check back!

I just want to thank all my customers for their patients and understanding through it all! Your the best!!! Have a great night! Blessings Vicky