Friday, February 4, 2011

The dig out is finally over

Like most of the country this week we all have had some snow. Now the totals due range depending on who you talk to or what weather station you listen to so from what I been told we have had anywhere from 13 to 18 inches. Hey after 12 inches who's counting. The road is somewhat cleared and was able to leave the nest today to get some things done. This photo is in front of my home (we live on a slit hill) but don't let that pile of snow fool you because if you stand next to it, it is over 5 feet tall. I almost feel like I am living back in RI. LOL

The sign below hangs outside my home. Due to the weather this past week I thought it was appropriate to leave it on frightful. Now just because the sun was shinning today does not mean that is was delightful outside like the other side reads. It still was cold with a high of 12 degrees so I felt it was just to leave it on frightful side today.

From the sound of things it may stay on the frightful side for a few more days. Snow is in the forecast for Sat, Sun and Monday. It will be real interesting especially when they are not accustom to getting this kind of snow here in Iowa. On the other hand not being able to get out the sewing machine has been working over time and the bunnies are multiplying.LOL

New patterns and handmade items coming in the next few days so don't forget to stop back!

Stay warm my prim friends! Blessings Vicky


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Vicky!
Wow, serious now & cold BRRR!
We had freezing rain, yuk, still the homestead is an iceskaing rink!LOL!
Can't wait to see what you've been working on!
Keep warm, bundle up, and plenty of hot cocoa!

The Rusty Nickel said...

Vicky, I feel for you!! In the Northern part of the state, it's beautiful here today!! High's in the 30's(sounds so silly to be happy about that.)But they are talking more snow tonight and tomorrow :( We've already been out wading through the snow. I finally convinced my hubby to fire up his truck and we got my greenery taken down. If only there were green on the ground, instead of white! Stay warm!