Friday, October 22, 2010


Moonlight Madness Sale

On Oct 22 at 8:38pm the full moon will rise. The ghost and goblins will be out and making their way through the internet to our website. Come join them at for some great moonlight madness savings and a spooky good time.

Make your way through the pages and FIND A GHOST!
You will receive a Ghostly Surprise…boooo

Ghosts do fly around so they could fly to different pages for a few days so make sure to check back to see another SPOOKTACULARE deal.

(Email me at: ) the number on your ghost you have found to claim your surprise. You must purchase one item to get your ghostly surprise)
The Witches Will Be Out Too!!! They are putting together some brews and have come up with some great concoctions you may like to buy from them.
To see the Witches SPECIALS fly on over to our website to see the Batty Prices!
Our specials will be posted on our front page so fly on over to see the batty prices!
For these specials you will use the BUY IT NOW BUTTON on the front page to purchase. Then in the notes section of PayPal put the name or the item you would like.

(YOU CAN PHONE IN ORDERS!!! I will be standing by to take phone orders this evening if you would like to purchase with a credit card!) Don’t forget to write down the ghosts numbers to claim your free prize!
(no limit on special sale – buy as many as you would like)

Find the Witch stirring her brew while making your way through our website and we will send you a Special from her cauldron she has whipped up especially for you!

(There will be ONLY 3 Witches who will send you a Special from their cauldron!!! This will be first come first serve basis. Whoever sends the number on the witch’s graphic to me first wins the prize. Only one witch per person and you must purchase at least one item to claim your witch prize)
Find THE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER and you will receive what she has spun in her web for you! There is ONLY ONE!!!!

This will be first come first serve basis. Whoever sends the number on The Black Widow Spider first wins the prize she has spun in her web for you. You must purchase at least one item to claim The Black Widows Prize)

We will also have a few one of kind’s items that have Spooky Prices!
Float on over to our Handmade Button on the left side to see the spooky prices!

The ghost, goblins and witch will stay around on our website till Sunday Oct 24 at 12:00pm so hurry and fly on over to if you dare…
Happy Halloween to ALL!!!

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