Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Hello Everyone!!

Our blog is finally opened and hope to chat with you on a weekly basis.

I will share some of my new items with you and have a few free downloads for you all to enjoy.

Like most of you just hoping we see spring soon and some warmer weather. There is hope because I am starting to hear the birds. I will keep my fingers crossed.

If you would like to share your link to your blog with us just send your info to me in an email. Please bare with me for a few weeks until I get the hang of this new program. I really am not that computer savey but hope to learn quick. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to chat with you all!



Olde Homestead Barn


NancyD said...

Happy to see your Blog, Vicky! I'll check in often. :)

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and your blog looks great. I will add to my list and check back often. sandy

basketsnprims said...

Welcome to blogland, Miss Vicky! Glad to see you made it. I would love to have you add my link and can I add yours to mine? I look forward to seeing you post. You are so clever and have so many great ideas.

Olde Homestead Barn said...

Hello Everyone and Thank you so much for joinging my blog! Please bare with me for this is all new to me. I did not even realize until today I could receive comments and reply. Sorry! I will be posting by the end of the day if I can figure this out. LOL so please stop back! Blessings Vicky